Top Ten Baby Toys

No other baby RC toys can keep your child’s attention as long as this baby toy does.” Fun music to accompany the movement, unlike most baby toys. The balls can fall through a hole in the side and come out the dinosaur’s mouth as well, and you can feed them into the popper with the dinosaur’s tail. This is such a creative baby toy and helps with your baby’s fine motor skills as he is always trying to grasp the ball. Also, this baby toy is one of the great “cause-and-effect” baby toys for the most important stage in your baby’s development. Your baby will play with this baby toy for hours and always goes back to it.
 2) Fisher-Price Rain forest Melodies and Lights
 This playmat is one of the few baby toys that is there from the beginning of your baby’s life. Your baby will use this baby toy from the age of 2 months to  7 months and still reach for it daily. As a coordination baby toy, your baby will learn to flip it over so he or she can reach the higher baby toys. Everything on this baby toy works great for you and your baby. The music plays for quite a while so you don’t have to keep running over to restart it. Your baby will love he crinkle leaf and zebra tail on the mat itself. Your baby can chew on them and it is one more thing to keep him occupied! This baby playmat is a highly recommend baby toy!
  3) Leap Frog Learn Groove Musical Table
Get your baby this one of the best baby toys for their first birthday and they will love it! Everything your baby will touch on this table makes a noise – especially love the trombone and the banjo. As you or your baby flip the pages to the “book” in the middle of the table, the songs and the sounds change. There are a lot of movable partsto this baby toy for the kids to play with – the slide on the trombone moves, there is a slide on the violin, the banjo has a lever to pull, there is a barrel to roll, pages of the book to turn, shapes to press, and a compartment to open. It is one of the most colorful and sturdy baby toys and this baby toy is DEFINTELY reccomended!
 4) Little Tikes Cozy Coupe
Buy the Cozy Coupe for your baby and they will get excited when they see this baby toys box….the adventure is about to begin!  After just a few minutes when your baby toy car will take shape.  The Cozy Coupe is a great value for the money. This baby toy is very easy to assemble, extremely durable and just loads of fun to ride in and go! We highly reccommend the Little Tykes Cozy Coupe as one of the top ten baby toys.
 5) Fisher Price Newborn To Toddler Portable Rocker
This is a wonderful product in the world of baby toys. You can use this baby toy as a baby bouncer,  a baby rocker, for infants, toddlers, feeding chair, TV chair, sleeping. This baby toy handles everything. You can use this baby rocker for everything and it packs up for travel as well.  Don’t let the low price fool you. Let this baby toy save you from buying all the extra, not needed baby toys by having everything in one. Most people say “iIf we had bought one of these things before, we would not have bought so many other baby toys. We would have just stuck with a few of these baby toys”. 
 6) Wheely Bug 
The Wheely Bug baby toy is on my list of my favorite baby toys and toys for children. Your toddler will be able to ride the baby toy and be amused with it for hours. The Wheely Bug is fantastically maneuverable and a ton of fun compared to most stationary baby toys. Friends that come over to play with your child will always want to use it, your baby will be popular.
 7) Giant Bead Maze
Your baby will love this toy! There are so many activities that it keeps them entertained for a long time. This baby toy has space inside to either flip the top maze into or store some other baby toys to keep your livingroom more organized. 
 8) Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether
Sophie the Giraffe baby toy! This is one of the baby toys that is absolutely wonderful in every way. Sophie is made of soft rubber and makes a pleasant-sounding squeak whenever any part of her body is squeezed. Sophie’s body, while soft, has several areas of thicker rubber (the nubs on her head, her ears, and her feet) which are perfect for teething babies to gnaw on for relief. Sophie’s contrasting colors (spots) are visually stimulating to a baby. This baby toy is made of 100% natural rubber and uses food-grade paint (SAFE!). No lead paint like some other baby toys.
9) Baby Einstein Around Discovery Center
Baby Einstein products are reputable baby toys. This baby toy provides everything and is easy to assemble, and easy to clean. Be excited for all the playtime you will have with your baby involving this toy! (The hand puppet lion is especially fun for interaction with baby, just thought I’d mention. Smart!) 
10) See Me Sensory Balls
Your toddler will love playing with these baby toys. These balls are good quality, easy to hold and throw and are bright colors. Exactly as advertised. They will keep your child entertained while strengthening their coordination.